• Is it safe to deposit here?
    In a word, yes. Our privacy policies are incredibly strict. Once your deposit is cleared, the funds go directly into your account. All transaction information is encrypted and secured by SSL.
  • Can I deposit with a friend’s or corporate credit card?
    No. All deposits must come from your own transaction source.
  • How can I withdraw funds?
    It’s simple! Log in, go to “My Account”, click on “Banking” -> “Withdrawal”. You can then choose the desired currency and amount to withdraw. You can also withdraw during an open position if you have enough free margin to do so.
  • How long does a withdrawal take?
    All withdrawals are conducted within 7 business days.
  • Will I be billed any hidden fees?
    Universal Markets doesn’t support any hidden fees for clients. Only your trading activities will be charged. Should you notice suspicious activity on your e-wallet or bank account, make sure to contact the corresponding service provider.
  • What do I need in terms of Identity, Residency, and Payment proof?
    Identity Proof – a government-issued ID card. Passport, national ID, or a driver’s license.
    Residency Proof – an official document (utility bill, bank statement) with your full name, address, and issue date not older than 3 months.
  • What can I trade with Universal Markets?
    You can trade currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. More information on this on our Trading Products (hyperlink, redirects to “Trading Products” page)
  • Can I have multiple trading accounts?
  • Does Universal Markets offer Leverage?
    Yes, we do. With us, you can benefit from Leverage of up to 200:1. You can also customize your leveraged trades to your unique trading preferences.
  • Can I “sink” my account into negative balance?
    No. You trade with what you invest. You can only lose your total deposited amount.
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